Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grab some tissues, trust me

The link above will take you to a touching story about a young cancer patient getting to meet his favorite sports team through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Although Team In Training and the Make-A-Wish Foundation are not affiliated, we have a very similar purpose. I implore you to read the article underneath the video, written by Ian's father, Shane Gregory, who articulates exactly what we try to do for these families - give them a means for some comfort during the difficult time when their loved one is going through treatment.

My favorite excerpt from the article is: I know this day is supposed to be about Ian, but it was also great for me as his Dad. With what we've been going through it was great to see him in a situation where he was getting attention from people other than doctors and nurses. It was great to see my little boy out there running drills and plays with the Cowboys. His favorite part was getting to do the fumble drills and closing out practice with Cowboys' head coach Wade Phillips.

I know I mainly talk about the aches and pains of my training in this blog, and quirky stories that go with my experiences with the team, but the truth of the matter is - I am running to raise money to help find a cure and help support patients and their families dealing with blood cancers. Families, just like the Gregory’s.

On a brighter note - make sure to watch Ian's face after he hugs his second Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader. There is a noticeable glint in his eye that makes his whole face sparkle.. I wonder what could have caused ;0)

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