Monday, July 20, 2009

So how do you like you start your birthday off?

For me, I like to wake up at 5:45 am, eat a small bowl of oatmeal with honey, put on some spandex pants and a dry fit tee-shirt, miss the call from my ride because I (like a genius) turned my ringer off the night before so I wouldn’t be woken up from all of the midnight birthday wish text messages, frantically call my ride back when I realized what happened, and, then, finally head off to the National Mall and run 8 miles. I think I should stick to the traditional ritual of: 1) blow out candles, 2) eat birthday cake, and 3) sit on butt while people bombard you with gifts, instead.

This society is amazing. I know I have said this before, but if you have ever contemplated doing a marathon (triathlon, miles long bike ride...) sign up to do it with Team In Training. They always seem to have some way to motivate us each week – whether it is an inspirational story, a new volunteer idea/ opportunity, picnic, or bringing in a professional photographer to snap some shots for us to use in our running blogs (*cough, cough – focus of blog entry…). Unfortunately, my Old Lady knee is prominently pictured in the shot he got of me – which was right around the 6.5 mile mark, as Jess and I made out way around the WWII Memorial. Two seconds before this was taken I spotted our photographer and let Jess know to wave and smile for the camera. I believe her exact words at the moment of capture were, “Ha, ha, what?” Net effect – she looks like she is looking lovingly at me (Sorry Jess!). I do give her thanks though, I had to stop and stretch out my knee a few times – it definitely was not liking something about that day, so I was taking things extra slow. She stayed with me the entire way.

Although I get up at, what I deem, unheard of hours on Saturday mornings – it always shocks me when I see other people – not associated with the Team – out there either running or sightseeing before 7 am. People, what’s WRONG with you? Sleep in for crying out loud. It’s your weekend, spend it in bed like a normal person! This was no exception. About a mile into the run, we run into the folks who are lined up, literally, around the block to get up to the top of the Washington Monument, and have to continually side step around them. Typically, to keep with the American road etiquette, I like to pass on the left of people (who like to walk, molasses slow, in a group of 5 wide, wearing the same outfit) when I run by them - notifying them by yelling out a friendly but firm, “On your left.” I also like to give people the benefit of the doubt that they will then know their right from their left – and which way to step in order to let me pass. I now am more aware, however, that around tourist season I need to hesitate just a touch longer then I typically would. I blame it on them being so overwhelmed by our amazing capital that they have, temporarily, forgotten directional cues. Temporarily.

This past weekend’s run was again at Fletcher’s, and passed with nothing much to note. My knee much preferred 10 miles to 8…so fickle. It may have been more of a mental thing since I love trail running, so much more so then city running. Something about running through a tube of foliage makes it more enjoyable then bopping around the city streets. I was, unfortunately, unable to stay for the cookout TNT was putting on for us after the run (hotdogs and hamburgers at 10:00 am?! Why, of course – that’s an excellent idea!...barf!) – I had a final to prepare for. However, my class is now completed (YEAH!!!!!!!!!) and I am free and clear to stay as long as I want without the threat of homework looming over my head on Saturdays. Can’t tell you how good that feels. My true summer has finally arrived, just in time for August!

To finish, let me take some time during this blog to THANK all of you who have donated to me so far. Through these hard economic times, it means just that much more to me and the people who benefit from the funds raised through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that you gave what you had.

- Konah, buddy, first one to give to my fundraising! You are definitely a #1 “Star” all the way! Once that leg is healed, let’s get you out there training for something and whip you in shape for the wedding.
- Derek, looking out for your younger sis’ all the time. Not sure what I’d do if you didn’t have my back throughout the years!
- Joan, miss you out there this year! Let me know if you have some time to get in a weekday run together – and, I haven’t forgotten that I still need to come in and see you for an evaluation!
- Jason, I miss your smile and laugh! I chuckled when summer rolled around this year and thought of what you do to your poor Maine Coons. Such torture ;). Where is the new office – lunch, soon, please?!
- Laura, I still have, and consequently have not watched, your copy of “Chariots of Fire.” It’s a lost cause…I can’t stay awake during it. I think you need to come visit DC so that I can give it back to you J
- Dibs! I haven’t randomly run into you in awhile. Let’s make sure to randomly, on purpose, do that soon!!!
- Ranga, it is such a blessing to work with such wonderful people like you. I’m so glad I made the switch!
- Mom, sorry you didn’t win the car…love you for supporting me through whatever crazy new thing I’ve gotten myself into though!
- Anonymous, well you know who you are, and I can at least narrow you down to one of 359 of my closest friends, family and co-workers on Facebook. Although you have kept your identity secret, please know that I was extremely shocked and pleased to see that my simple request was answered in such a grand fashion! Not an hour after I posted, “If I raise 500.00 more bucks by this Friday - my coach comes to practice in an embarrassing costume...what'd ya say? Donate!” you graciously donated the full $500, leaving me to stand in front of my computer screen, close my eyes and proclaim, “Okay, now I want an all expense paid trip to Maui with a hot, extremely intelligent, swimsuit model.” That one went unanswered, apparently if I don’t post it on Facebook, I don’t “fish my wish.”

Whether I know who you are, or you are clouded in mystery – THANK YOU. The smallest amount can make the world of difference in someone’s life. You are rockstars in my book, and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Newest Running Song Obsession (THROW BACK to 2002):
NSYNC - Girlfriend Remix

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