Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, If He Can Do 43, I Can Do 1

This article caught my eye as I was on the metro headed to work today. There was just a small blurb in the Washington Post Express, right below two articles titled the "U.N. Condemns Gaza War Crimes" and “Somali Militants Vow to Avenge Assault by U.S.” - I think I am missing the correlation the editors saw when laying out this page... - but enough was there to wet my appetite.

Apparently “funny man”
Eddie Izzard (yes, those quotation marks are on purpose) ended his 1,100-mile trek across Britain in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday, September 15, 2009. The equivalent of 43 marathons - an amazing feat - all for a U.K. charity called Sport Relief. This just confirms my theory that all comedians must be a little off in the head. 43? I thought one was bad enough!

My favorite part of the whole story was that he finished it running next to an ice cream truck that was playing the theme song to “Chariots of Fire.”

For more on the story:
Izzard: I've run the UK, now will run for office

(If you don’t have a Washington Post account, the article is probably up for free somewhere on the internet)

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  1. Very cool! I think for now, you should stick to just one marathon at a time... But hey, you are wonder woman- you can do anything!