Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So the Warrior, the Purist, the Socializer and the Exerciser All Walk Into A Bar...

For those of us that exercise [and I believe that we all do, whatever the reason and for however long…upcoming event we want to look good for, to minimize the ol’ muffin top sitting at the waist line of our jeans, because you saw a bunch of attractive (hopefully) singles running in one area and want to accidentally, on purpose, run into them (“Oops! How clumsy of me to have run directly into your path…must have been the sun glare! My name’s Lauren by the way. Run here often?”…)] we know what kind of runner we are, but I thought this was a pretty cute quiz done by UK’s Runner’s World (the ending charactatures remind me of a picture I got done of myself on the New Jersey Shore Boardwalk when I was 10 – only, increase the head size, like, 50%).

I’m apparently “The Exerciser” (though I find this title to be highly redundant based on the fact that running is, well, exercising). Although “The Exerciser” isn’t a 100% accurate description of my running mentality, it does hold nuggets of truth in there. Check it out – if nothing else, it’s something to do if you’re bored [and since you are currently reading my running blog, I can safely guesstimate that you are, in fact, bored…or avoiding work. You can thank me later for helping you procrastinate ;)]

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